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Eva del Sur

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Southern females are something to behold. Like the Hope diamond, or the towers of Angkor Wat. Men south of the Rio Grande marry them in blissful ignorance of the blessings God has bestowed on them. Some gringos marry the southern females but they do it knowingly, for they have married northern women before and suffered the consequences. Those lucky souls wander south, in spite of post-divorce poverty and/or a missing limb or two, to marry a southern female but most of us know they are running from the gringas. You can tell those men are escapees because they are usually followed by a small cloud of dust generated by the gringa’s lawyers and sheriffs following them in hot pursuit.

The exiled gather in pubs, cantinas, and other places where they can drink and smoke in peace. Lighting ceremonial cigars they engage in a curious liturgy of thanksgiving. They give glory to God for creating the southern Eve. And they drink to that. Sometimes tears run down their leathered cheeks. They are not remembering Vietnam, Iraq or some other war they survived without major inconveniences. No, those are grateful tears, the sincere sacrifice of a devout heart that acknowledges the Lord’s grace. Those poor sinners have been forgiven and taken to the parlor of Paradise: a small house or apartment in Mexico City or Lima where they got to know the smell and taste of love turned into food, the warm embrace of a girl who has no idea of what a divorce lawyer is but thanks God every night for her man. The poor gringo thinks of his wasted years in Pittsburgh or Boston and silently says “never more” with a conviction that would make Poe’s crow hesitant by comparison.

I am not lying when I affirm that southern Eve is a lady. Not by training or education but naturally. Most gringas instead are larger varieties of the mantis religiosa, except that the mantis is incapable of self-righteousness and has better table manners. Honest! I read that in some National Geographic long ago. Another curious characteristic of the gringa is her tendency to evolve from youthful sweet salad-eating female into a bitter almost-male carnivore cannibalistic creature. Scientists are working hard at explaining that phenomena but there are hints that Prozac, lawyers, and plastic surgeons have something to do with the awful transformation that turns a cuddly Minnesota creature into something with all the femininity of Tony Clifton. Then comes menopause and things get worse.

Southern Eves are not like that. Although some are becoming like their northern cousins. With some luck we shall get the Ebola epidemic first and avoid full contagion of the gringa syndrome. For instance: last summer I was taking a walk around Buenos Aires and I got thirsty. I decided to stop for a beer at a friendly local bar when lo and behold! I saw a group of strange creatures had taken a few tables next to the wall. I could hear them quack loudly, their horrible shrieks resembled English imprecations of the most vile variety. For just a second I felt sorry for not having some peanuts to lure one of those creatures into a net, and take it to the nearest museum of natural history. Then I saw a male waiter serving them pizza and drinks. The poor man’s demeanor showed he was enduring the unkindest abuse. Then I realized that I had stumbled into a flock of gringas on vacation. The combination of impudent mini-shorts and cellulite confirmed it but I should have detected them earlier by the abundant use of English profanity and the waving of credit cards.

Fearing for my life and the integrity of my male genitals, I quickly exited the bar. Walking down a block or two I found a small cafe where I ordered a cold beer. Before taking my first sip I silently thanked the Almighty for the southern Eve.



Must Read

Gun Control in the Third Reich: Disarming the Jews and Enemies of the State by Stephen P. Halbrook. Based on newly-discovered, secret documents from German archives, diaries and newspapers of the time, Gun Control in the Third Reich presents the definitive, yet hidden history of how the Nazi regime made use of gun control to disarm and repress its enemies and consolidate power. The countless books on the Third Reich and the Holocaust fail even to mention the laws restricting firearms ownership, which rendered political opponents and Jews defenseless.
No Crueler Tyrannies by Dorothy Rabinowitz. In this book, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Dorothy Rabinowitz re-frames the facts, reconsiders the evidence, and demystifies the proceedings of some of America's most harrowing cases of failed justice. Recalling the hysteria that accompanied the child sex-abuse witch-hunts of the 1980s and 1990s, Rabinowitz's investigative study brings to life many alarming examples of prosecutorial terrors. By turns a shocking exposé, a much-needed postmortem, and a required-reading assignment for prosecutors and judges alike, No Crueler Tyrannies is ultimately an inspiring book about the courage of ordinary citizens who believe in the American judicial system enough to fight for due process.
The Mind That Is Catholic: Philosophical & Political Essays by Fr. James V. Schall. The author is a treasure of the Catholic intellectual tradition. A prolific author and essayist, Schall readily connects with his readers on sundry topics from war to friendship, philosophy, politics, and to ordinary everyday living. In his newest work, The Mind That Is Catholic, he presents a retrospective collection of his academic and literary essays written in the past fifty years. In each essay, he exemplifies the Catholic mind at its best - seeing the whole, leaving nothing out.
Knowledge and Power: The Information Theory of Capitalism and How it is Revolutionizing our World by George Gilder. Gilder breaks away from the supply-side model of economics to present a new economic paradigm: the epic conflict between the knowledge of entrepreneurs on one side, and the blunt power of government on the other. One of the twentieth century’s defining economic minds has returned with a new philosophy to carry us into the twenty-first. Knowledge and Power is a must-read for fiscal conservatives, business owners, CEOs, investors, and anyone interested in propelling America’s economy to future success.
The Evidential Power of Beauty: Science and Theology Meet by Fr. Thomas Dubay, S.M. "This is as complete a theology of beauty in one simple volume as I know, uniting Christian theology, modern science, and daily experience—a sort of von Balthasar for the masses. It vastly expands our understanding beyond 'aesthetics', and shows us how nearly right Keats was in saying 'Beauty is truth, truth is beauty.'" Peter Kreeft, Professor of Philosophy at Boston College and The King's College.
Reasonable Pleasures: The Strange Coherences of Catholicism by Fr. James Schall SJ. "A timely treatise when the sources of our being, and indeed of our culture, are challenged on a daily basis. Schall is one of the foremost Catholic intellectuals of our day." Jude Dougherty, Dean Emeritus, Philosophy Department, Catholic University of America.
America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It by Mark Steyn. Mark Steyn predicted collapse for the rest of the Western World. Now, he adds, America has caught up with Europe on the great rush to self-destruction. It’s not just our looming financial collapse; it’s not just a culture that seems on a fast track to perdition, full of hapless, indulgent, childish people who think government has the answer for every problem; it’s not just America’s potential eclipse as a world power because of the drunken sailor policymaking in Washington— No, it’s all this and more that spells one word for America: Armageddon.
1492 And All That by Robert Royal. Readers will learn a great deal, and an honest appraisal of the Catholic Church's true history, not the gunk that passes for such as found in too many college and university courses. Royal argues that the values and beliefs actually held by America's original cultures are being misrepresented. They are merely, he contends, remoldings of ancient Native beliefs in order to fit a modern agenda. His contentions are supported with detailed examples of pre-Columbian Native customs and behaviors.
American Betrayal by Diana West, lights up the massive, Moscow-directed penetration of America’s most hallowed halls of power, revealing not just the familiar struggle between Communism and the Free World, but the hidden war between those wishing to conceal the truth and those trying to expose the increasingly official web of lies. American Betrayal is America’s lost history.
My Peace I Give You by Dawn Eden. The author of the bestselling The Thrill of the Chaste, shows how the lives of the saints have given her hope and aided her journey of spiritual healing after childhood sexual abuse. One in four American women and one in six American men report having been sexually abused during childhood and My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints provides a much-needed resource for spiritual healing from the isolating effects of these wounds. This new book has the makings of a classic. A true must read.
Civilization. The West and the Rest by Niall Ferguson. The author of the highly readable The Ascent of Money is magnificent at marshaling a wide range of knowledge to support his opinions. This book is an incisive analysis of the past, a reassessment of the historical developments of the last 500 years that should inform us as we move into the future.
Heaven In Our Hands by Benedict Groeschel. Father Benedict Groeschel believes that we've lost touch with how revolutionary the Beatitudes really are! The plain but astounding truth is that the Beatitudes reveal to us the very heart of God.
The Devil's Delusion by David Berlinski. Berlinski delivers a biting defense of religious thought, daring to ask and answer some rather embarrassing questions.
Mexifornia : A State of a Becoming by Victor Davis Hanson. A revealing look at the changing face of California paints a clear but rather glum picture at the Golden State's future prospects.
Intellectual Morons by Daniel Flynn. Why do smart people fall for stupid ideas? "Intellectual Morons," are smart people who make themselves stupid by letting "ideology do their thinking." Flynn lambastes a series of prominent leftist "gurus" and the ideological movements they inspired.
Demonic by Ann Coulter. How Liberals are endangering America. Sweeping in its scope and relentless in its argument, this book explains the peculiarities of liberals as standard groupthink behavior. To understand mobs is to understand liberals.
How The Catholic Church Built Western Civilization by Thomas E. Woods Jr. For readers looking to defend Western Civilization and their faith.
Dismantling America and Other Controversial Essays by Thomas Sowell. A straightforward and honest discussion of the origins of our current crisis.
There Is No Alternative: Why Margaret Thatcher Matters by Claire Berlinsky. A biographical account of the premiership of Margaret Thatcher.
The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11 by Dinesh D'Souza. The left is waging an aggressive global campaign to undermine the traditional patriarchal family, provoking a violent reaction from Muslims who believe their way of life is under assault. Further, the cultural left has encouraged radical factions to attack the United States in the belief that they can do so with relative impunity.

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